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Welcome back to VWFORCE!!
as you can see we have changed our design, I hope you like it however :( we will be working on it till it's working perfectly until then some things may not be added yet or some thing may not be working, but it won't take long before it all up and running!!


Welcome to vwforce.com your Volkswagen website, here you can check out our vw photos and videos, get a vw@vwforce.com email address chat in our forum, and even have your own webspace for your own vw! and soon we will also have parts for your vw

- 2nd Gear Grind?...we have the fix!
- Looking for cheap gas? Gas Price Watch, Gas Tips
Coming Soon DUB Riders File!


As you can see all of my google ad's are gone...why you ask? I will tell you, well they told me that I was cheating on clicks!! thats right so they took the $40 it took me well over 6 months to maks and told me to get lost :( thats nice of them! Just let me say, if you are using them on your site DON'T because as soon as you make a little cash they will take and close you down! I asked them for proof that I was doing somthing wrong....and no reply! so please guys don't waste your time with the google product they call Adsence as it is a waste of time and they will in the end just take your money that you took so long to build up:(  





Aftermarket/OEM Parts Review

want to know more about a part before you spend your cashola on it? we are will be starting to review parts very soon so if you have any requests please let us know!

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Mechanics Corner

Looking for a good cheap mechanic in the GTA?...

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